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Considerable planning goes into the organisation of the ADX20 Sydney dental exhibition to ensure that your business derives maximum benefit from the event. Whether it be increasing attendance, promoting your firm or making it easy to exhibit, our focus has firmly been on developing opportunities for ADX20 Sydney to bring you closer to your customers.

These documents reflect the increasing professionalism behind the work of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) in delivering quality exhibition opportunities for members. It is designed to assist you:
• Understand what is included with your exhibition space;
• Develop an exhibition booth that is attractive to visitors and meet International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC) and ADIA design requirement; and
• Maximise promotional activities and provide tips on getting people to your stand.

As ADX20 Sydney dental exhibition approaches, the number of promotional activities will continue to increase. In the spirit of partnership we welcome advice as to how ADIA can assist your own promotional activities.

These Exhibitor Guidelines are based on feedback from suppliers and may be subject to change. In the event of any significant changes we will notify all exhibitors as soon as practicable. We hope that these tools are helpful and hope your business' participation in ADX20 Sydney a commercial success and we look forward to seeing you there.

ADIA Code of Practice
ADX20 Downloadable logo
Custom Stand Guidelines (22 Oct 19) (Refer also to the ICC Sydney Exhibitor Manual)
Delivery docket for visitor bag inserts
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Key Contacts
Learning Lab Presentation Guide
Mascot Guide
Name Badge Collection
Timing and Logistics
Stand Operation
Travel and Accommodation

Tip No. 1 - Boost your ADX20 Sydney ROI with a Custom Booth
Tip No. 2 - Conducting Effective Product Demonstrations
Tip No. 3 - Check Out The ADX20 Sydney Exhibitor Portal
Tip No. 4 - Use Social Media To Reach Out To Customers
Tip No. 5 - Converting Interactions To Sales
Tip No. 6 - Bring Your Dream Team
Tip No. 7 - Extend The Invite
Tip No. 8 - Holding Competitions At Your Booth
Tip No. 9 - Throwing An Event At Your Booth
Tip No. 10 - Conducting a Presentation At Your Booth
Tip No. 11 - Exhibitor "Things to Think About"
Tip No. 12 - REMINDER - Extend The Invite
Tip No. 13 - Look after your staff at ADX20 Sydney

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