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ADIA Code of Practice — Gifts Compliance Guidance

The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) developed the ADIA Code of Practice to reflect a priority of the Australian Government that decisions made about patient diagnosis and treatment options are based on sound clinical evidence, not driven by incentives or other influences.

In this context, the ADIA Code of Practice provides clear guidance that the dental industry must not inappropriately influence a dental professional’s selection of diagnostic and/or treatment pathways as a result of offering a gift.

At no time may a member offer a gift ―

In connection with the ordering, purchase or supply of a therapeutic product; or
When it is in the form of cash/negotiable instruments/gift card (redeemable for anything other than a therapeutic product) /monetary equivalents, except when the benefit is applied against a Commercial Account.

A Member may offer a gift where ―

It is offered independently of the ordering, purchase or supply of a therapeutic product; and
It does not exceed $50 (GST Excluded) and offered only once in any four week period.

Reward Schemes ―

A reward/loyalty type scheme can operate only when the benefit to the healthcare professional is additional therapeutic goods or a discount/rebate.
In any other circumstances a reward/loyalty types scheme would be viewed as incompatible with the ADIA Code of Practice.

Under the ADIA Code of Practice, it is possible for a business to offer to a dental professional reasonable quantities of therapeutic products, or any other dental product used on and/or for patients in the delivery of dental care, for demonstration or evaluation purposes.

It is also noted that any discount/rebate paid against the commercial account is not considered to be gift. The offer of registration to a seminar/training course is not also considered to be a gift; however, any such offer must be made in a manner consistent with provisions in the ADIA Code of Practice that specifically address provision of training.

Disclaimer ―

The information offered here is guidance only and to fully assess the obligations that the dental industry has under the ADIA Code of Practice please refer to the full document. Please note that this information is subject to change to reflect decisions of the ADIA-CCC Code Complaints Committee made subsequent to the publication of this information.

Further Information —

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