It is no surprise that there is so much excitement surrounding ADX20 Sydney, Australia's premier dental event. This is due in no small part thanks to the adventures of 'Buck' and you can be part of the action.

Cut out the picture of the tooth and take a picture of it around famous landmarks or with your team. Then forward your picture to the ADX20 Sydney team or post it online yourself.

Your pictures will be presented on the ADX20 Sydney website, Twitter feed, and on the event’s Facebook page. They may also be displayed on screens during the ADX20 Sydney exhibition.

ADX20 Sydney - Buck's online adventure download [PDF]

The little guy is keen to travel so download the file and help Buck spread the word about ADX20 Sydney, the nation's largest healthcare trade show.

As you're visiting ADX20 Sydney over 13-15 March 2020 at the impressive International Convention Centre Sydney, check out the photos of Buck, you might just see your own there.

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